My name - Inna. I was born in Ufa, Russia in 1984. I am dancing...


Born in 1984, Ufa Russia. Developed, on basis of modern dance studio and theater "Svoimi nogami" ("by oneself feet") during 90's in Ufa. Completed secondary education in 2001, and proceeded to university study in Moscow. From 2003 studied actor's technique, different forms of dance. In 2004 discovered contemporary dance during "Art of movement" festival in Yaroslavl.

2004-2005 involved in Tsekh Russian dance agency activities. In 2006 attends practice classes at Tanzquartier Wien. Performed for Marcus Schinwald "Ten in love". For Oleg Soulimenko on "Art of movement" 2006. Studied at SEAD and Impulstanz workshops during 2007. Doing "choreographic creation, research and training program" in 2008 at Forum Dança Lisbon, Portugal. Developed diverse approaches to creation, composition, body involvement in the performance. Worked on repertoire with Debora Hay. Studied Real time Composition method with Joao Fiadeiro. Developed solo and group project "to get without", presented in Instituto Franco-Portugues in Lisbon. Worked on choreography in "Act attention" piece involving three performers and presented for Forum Danca anniversary.
"Living in Moscow" considered as a blog project. January 2010. Involved in contemporary dance division of ballet "Moskva" in 2010. Participated in activities of "Tsekh" during 2009-2010.
Done Ivana Muller laboratory in June 2010 at Brut Vienna and being part of atelier "Action and meaning" at Fabrik Potsdam in September same year.

Initiated project "reach there". Dealing with intentions. How one approaches future and correlates with past. What are directions of time: from future to now or now on. Working with fixed movement material from beginning to the end and other way around. Developed concept for interactive project that explores choice. Desired to involve spectator at a point. Creating number of tasks for two performers to complete. In June 2011 married Ruslan Vakilov.
From October 2011 - part of the study at HZT, Berlin. Decided for BA to explore fully own possibilities. On April 2012 took part in BA festival "Why not July?".
April 2012, being part of Ada festival with "Out of the day".
In summer 2012 in Berlin and 2013 Porto, performed for Isabelle Schad at Experience #1.
Open for future!

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To get without

Curation: Loic Touze.
Creating period June-Dec 2008.
Presentation Instituto Franco-Portugues,
19 Dec 2008


Act attention

Project work with Francisco Camacho.
Choreography, idea - Inna Krasnoper.
Performers - Teresa Silva, Hajime Fujita, Acerina Ramos Amador.
Presentation PEPCC,
Forum Dança anniversary. On 15 Feb 2008 in Lisbon



"deals with intentions.
how one approaches future, correlates with past. What are directions of time. there to now. now to then. (movement material from A to B; or other way- B to A) [ 2 videos before this one] very welcome for sharing! " - I wrote in autumn 2010.
These is the material that went to presentation as application to Stückwerk in TQW (November 2010. Developed and performed with Ruslan Vakilov).
Was developed further for Essais application at CNDC Angers in Feb 2011 (performed with Ali Moini). And for BA admission at HZT Berlin in April (to present with Roni Katz).
In May 2011 was translated and performed in Russian to share with theatre community Svoi Film


Distantly enough

Originated at the workshop by Nik Haffner (professor at HZT) with the theme: Body, Image, Identity.
Further was taken into consideration as solo performance- installation by me and Jozefien Beckers.
Also has become a part of group performance- installations in April 2012.
With Diethild Meier / Inna Krasnoper / Jozefien Beckers / Julia Rodriguez & Verena Sepp / Roni Katz: The origin of these works lays in the frame of the workshop. During this period we were generating situations out of certain conditions: randomly chosen materials and tools, short time frames, a shared space, and with no aim of a final product. For this festival, some of us chose to revisit and develop elements that emerged under these conditions. What will happen, when we reconstruct, displace, synchronize.
As separate, ideas are:
Starting from now; going further. What is the next step?
Is it more important what you do (don't do) than who you are (not) ?
Layers, identifications, implications.
Do you need a distance, or better stay inside.
Something isn't possible- what do you have to say then?


Out of the day

On stage: Jozefien Beckers, Kareth Schaffer, Julia Kreutzer, Inna Krasnoper
An ensemble awaiting the creation to happen.
It has began as a solo, and after presentation in a frame of BA showing, invited interested participants.
Then continued to be worked gradually with the regard to existing (circumstances). Followed to take this as concept- regard to what is already there (combining the creation and reconstruction possibilities- as set-up, movement, action).
It is inspired by my personal interest of the point when the construction (of life, intention, desire) has to be released.
At a point you might find out the square in space that would have good, bad, precision and letting go as sides. Cut, stop - to go on a round trip.


Out of j,k and i

Hast du etwas dazu? Wie lange bleibst du heute zu Hause? In die Ecke habe ich viel zu tun.
Detaching from "Out of the day", project continues frames of previous prepostion partly. The focus here- horizontality. It pays attention to "a word", that has been touched already. Another focus- an experience- and its phenomenon from later to earlier. Enjoy!
To be performed by:
Julia Kreutzer, Kareth Schaffer and Inna Krasnoper.
As work-in-progress was shown on 27th April 2012
at "WHY NOT JULY. Performances in April".


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